Setting Goals for Financial Clarity

Penn Mutual
Value Proposition

Penn Mutual Carolina Partners is in the business of helping provide for the financial planning* needs of its clients. We work with clients to identify and focus their unique financial goals and objectives.

We provide local, regional and national support to our advisers and their practices. This includes access to experienced financial services leaders, underwriting services, sales and marketing resources, and additional innovative adviser solutions.These nine pillars represent our promise to deliver value today, tomorrow, and well into the future for our advisers.

Faster underwriting 

ACE is our one-of-a-kind digital application process that makes doing business and servicing your clients more efficient. 

Marketing and Lead Generation

We'll help you implement your own customized marketing strategy with the help of our best-in-class digital marketing platform, pre-packaged campaigns, and a comprehensive social media library. 

Strong local leadership

A dedicated, responsive leadership team to support you. 

Product Strength 

A strong competitive product portfolio, advanced case support, and innovative sales concepts. 

Competitive Compensation and Recognition 

We reward our advisers with competitive compensation plans and recognition programs.

Let's Talk.

*Services offered through our broker dealer Horner, Townsend, and Kent, LLC.  HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.  Penn Mutual Carolina Partners is unaffiliated with HTK.
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